About Snella

Snella was born in a Berlin apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hannah wanted to do something more with her photography art apart from making paper prints. The idea to make her art accessible to all ages grew stronger and she started visualising her animal and insect motives on children's clothes. A vision and idea she never regretted embarking on, a saga that now continues from Sweden.

Our mission is to create comfortable, quirky, and gender-neutral favourites for toddlers and school children. Simply put, natural and timeless essentials with endless possibilities for playing in, looking good and handing down. We think that anybody can wear anything at any time. Just be open-minded and yourself! Be a mini-adventurer!

Core Values

Snella is a mix of the Swedish word Snälla (kind) and the German word Schneller (fast). Being kind to ourselves, our surroundings, being fast and in motion are the core values Snella stands for. 

Hannah Granström

Founder, creative director, and photographer. Hannah is a true entrepreneur and environmentalist. When a vision enters her head, she won't let it go until finalised. But not to any cost. If a project can't be made sustainably and in low quantities, it's rejected. Based in Kullavik.

Emanuela Laudati

Seamstress and pattern maker extraordinaire. Emanuela takes any idea and bumps it up to the next level. She has a cool and unique Berlin style and impeccable sewing skills. Her fighting spirit never fails, and she never gives up until she is delighted. Nothing is ever "good enough." Based in Berlin.

Quick Facts

Being Responsible


We work hard every day serving you responsible goods. We make sure to produce products that are actually needed. All items are made in very limited amounts, reducing over-production and waste. To limit transportation, we only source materials from the EU and only sell directly to customers.


We only source organic textiles and use as pure materials as possible. Our mission is to produce clothes including only organic cotton and we are close to succeeding. The reason is: we don't like plastic waste and want to hand over a clean planet to our children.


Our clothes are made by hand in our Berlin studio and made in very limited editions. We don't believe in selling more for cheaper, we believe in selling less but good.

What about the prints?

These are printed by our award-winning printing partners on-demand and carbon neutral in Düsseldorf.