The story behind the collection

The story behind the collection

Spending time outside and exploring nature is an essential part of life for my family and me. It was during a family woodland excursion in early autumn we thought we’d try our luck and find mushrooms to pick.

Family excursion in the woods and spotting a blue beetle

Keeping our eyes glued to the ground, we spotted a blue scarab beetle instead. We watched it scurrying around the terrain for a long time. When I started to photograph it, I became captivated by the colours and textures I was surrounded by. It’s also incredible how nature captivates us and can in very simple ways entertain us, especially our children  Over time, the Beetles collection was slowly developed from this special day.

Scrapsheet and mood board of the work process of creating the beetles collection

I chose to create a collection complimentary in theme, colour, and tonality. It includes playful organic children's clothes and tranquil nature images made as limited edition prints and special greeting cards. I also love the feel of art, so I decided to include a tactile experience with the photography gift box. 

Hand made greeting cards, the beetle's cardigan and Fien art photographic prints included in the beetles collection

After our excursion, I envisioned bringing nature home and convey earthy tones and natural textures inside. From the photographs, I created the minimalistic blue and rust-brown beetle’s fabric print. Living in a big city, I wanted the clothes to be contemporary and urban yet natural and timeless. Last winter, I had a period where I became captivated by the beauty of dried plants and flowers and the aesthetics they provide all year round if you look at them with an open mind. I somehow found a connection between the clothes and the images, how captivating the subjects can be when looking closely at them. 

Brown clothes with blue beetles on from the beetles collection, the cardigan and tunic dress

My vision was to create a collection of clothes and photography art with small carbon footprints. I wanted to include only natural, renewable materials that have a chance to biodegrade and be recycled, thus not contributing to plastic pollution. However, the materials used in the collection come from borrowed resources and are far from limitless, including the time and effort in perfecting every detail. With that in mind, I dream of a world where we consume our valuables until worn out: because I want to continue inspecting beetles with my children and hope for the same possibility for generations to come.

My art photography "blue reflections" framed in front of a white brick wall

Creating the Beetle's collection is an homage to time and resources, which are limited to all of us.

Take care!



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