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5 Tips for Styling the Back-to-School Wardrobe

Back to school means getting ready for the next academic year. So whether your child is headed to middle school, primary school, or preschool, you should keep a few things in mind when dressing them for success

Here is our guide on preparing for a new term without breaking the bank and being sustainable.

Use what you already have.

When was the last time you organised your child's wardrobe? Take a look because there's often more than you are aware of! Keep the clothes that are in the correct size. Donate, sell, or hand-down grown-out clothes and items your child refuses to wear. Some pieces might be worn out or stained - they are perfect as spare clothes to keep in school. After organising, you might realise that your child is pretty set or that the wardrobe needs to be refreshed. Remember to update the wardrobe with quality goods made ethically and with sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, tercel, or recycled materials. 

use what you have

Don't be shy with prints.

Prints are one of the easiest ways to add personality to an outfit without breaking the bank. They also make any outfit feel more casual and comfortable. We love going all in with prints. Children get away with mixing and matching colours and patterns, so why not take the opportunity and go wild?

If you're looking for a print that's not too loud, try using a solid color as a base and then add a patterned fabric on top. For example, you can use a bolder print on a solid-colored shirt to give it some extra pizzazz.

Add colour to the closet with a pop of orange.

Orange is a fun and vibrant color that will help your child stand out during the autumn months. Pair it with neutrals like black, gray, white, and brown to keep things simple. Or why not go bold and combine with contrasting blue? That is our favourite combination used when making the Beetles collection. The best part about orange is that it stands out from the crowd! You will have no problem spotting your child in the schoolyard or the busy playground.

Accessorise and wear a fun cap

A fun cap is a great way to add some personality to an outfit. Match the cap with their jacket or, why not, their bag to create a cohesive look. Caps are a great way to keep the sun away from their sensitive skin and eyes. They can also be worn many months throughout the year.

Orange and caps

Layer up with sweatshirts and soft jackets

When temperatures drop, it's cozy to layer up in soft sweatshirts and jackets. I find that children are more comfortable in layers rather than bulky and stiff jackets. They can move more freely and play around better. Start with natural materials closest to the skin and add layers according to the temperature. Our organic cotton t-shirts are super on sensitive skin and perfect as a base layer. It's incredibly convenient in the autumn when the mornings and evenings are cold, but the sun feels nice and warm during the days. Add a thin weather-resistant layer on top if needed. 

Prepare for activity

Staying active in the cooler months is a great way to keep warm! Children are naturally energetic, and we should nurture this behaviour to keep them fit and healthy throughout life. Choose clothes that are play friendly, which children can move freely in. Prepare for physical education lessons and pack sports clothes in style! We love matching our drawstring sports bags with our caps for a relaxed style. Remember to check And why not twin together with a complimentary tote bag?

Remember to check what material the sports bag is made of. If possible, avoid polyester unless recycled, and choose natural materials instead, such as organic cotton. All our bags are made purely with organic cotton, reducing the amount of plastic waste and microplastics in the waters.

Organic cotton sports bag

 All the best of luck!



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