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5 reasons to shop second-hand

Shopping second-hand is becoming more popular and the range both online and offline has dramatically increased. But why should we shop used clothes? Here are our five top reasons why it's beneficial for you, your child and the planet to shop pre-loved clothes!

Environmentally friendly & Ethical

Producing new pieces of clothing uses enormous amounts of resources. For example, did you know it takes 2700 litres of water to make only one t-shirt? And it's not uncommon that clothes are produced in countries where water levels are scarce. Many people also work under harsh conditions producing cheap clothes.

Shopping and wearing previously used clothes help slow down production rates. Producing less and slower is the only way to save resources, stimulate biodiversity and provide sustainable workplaces.  

Folding used clothes

Money saving

Second-hand clothes are always a lot cheaper than new clothes. At Snella, we sell our gently used pre-loved items at 50% cheaper than our new ones. Each piece is thoroughly inspected for faults and gently washed with fragrance-free detergent for sensitive skin. After washing, they are guaranteed to be kept away from smoke and pets. It's possible to save even more money from sites like Blocket, Tradera, or E-bay. However, there is no guarantee of the clothes' condition.

Comfortably worn

Children can be a bit sensitive when it comes to clothes. However, previously worn and washed clothes are usually more soft and supple than new ones. Especially denim jeans can be ideal to buy used, as they are already broken in!

Quality clothing

Buying second-hand is a great quality check. If clothes still look good after numerous washes and wear, they will continue to look great. Just continue to wash them according to the care guides, and you will be rewarded with vibrant colours for years. The same goes for the shape of the clothes. As long as the fabrics are natural and sewn together well, their form will continue to look good.

Vintage room 

Designer gems

Having a modern and up-to-date kids' wardrobe is not cheap! And to be honest, not very planet friendly. However, searching the internet for second-hand items can be truly rewarding. Buying used designer clothes and unique pieces is much cheaper than buying new ones. It's also perfect to complement the essential capsule wardrobe and spice it up! Without leaving too many carbon footprints! Check out MiniReuse and Vestiaire Collective and search for famous brands.

Happy second-hand shopping!

Hannah, xxx

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